Using Harvard GMAS to Preview Grant Proposals (for PI’s)

Data_Info_GraphicHow to review the entire PDF of your proposal in GMAS:


1. Go to GMAS at this link:

2. Log in using your Harvard ID and PIN.

3. Once inside GMAS, go to the gray bar on the right and click on “Requests in Process”

4. This will take you to a screen listing your pending submissions.

5. Choose a pending submission by clicking on the red link.

6. This will take you to (in GMAS terms) to the “Request Homepage”

7. To the right of the request homepage is a long gray bar. In the box labeled profile you will see a red link labeled Preview – click on it.

8. On the next page you will see a checklist of component parts of your application. If you click on Select All, it will check all the boxes for you. Alternately, you can pick and choose which parts you want to see by clicking on individual boxes.

9. After you have chosen all or some boxes, click the Preview Button

10. Allow the preview to open in Adobe.


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