NIH tables and appendices 2015, version C

“As a reminder, tables other than the required Data Tables 1-12, must be incorporated into the page limit of the Research Training Program”


“All tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, and charts must be included within the Research Strategy page limit.”

Figures, Graphs, Diagrams, Charts, Tables, Figure Legends, and Footnotes

You may use a smaller type size but it must be in a black font color, readily legible, and follow the font typeface requirement. Color can be used in figures; however, all text must be in a black font color, clear and legible.

Do not use the appendix to circumvent the page limitations of the Training Plan. All appendix material must be submitted as PDF attachments.

A summary listing all of the items included in the appendix is required, and should be the first PDF file of the Appendix. Applications that do not follow the appendix requirements may be delayed in the review process.

In general, the appendix may be used to provide samples of materials that are referred to in the body of the application, but are too cumbersome to include in the Research Training Program Plan without disrupting the narrative flow. Examples include:

Syllabi for key courses, core courses and electives, including courses in Responsible Conduct of Research, Survival Skills for Research, etc.;

Retreat, seminar series, and other program activity agendas, rosters, and schedules;

Examples of forms used to document trainee progress and monitoring by the program;

Examples of materials used in recruitment and particularly recruitment and retention to enhance diversity of the student pool;

When publications are allowed, appendix materials should be limited to those which are not publicly available, such as:

Manuscripts and/or abstracts accepted for publication but not yet published.

Published manuscripts and/or abstracts where a free, online, publicly available journal link is not available.

Patents directly relevant to the project.


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