NIH Guidance on subawards that are not on the budget in all years

summary- you cannot leave a subaward off the budget in any year. If thye are getting no funding in one year, use the following guide

cannot be inactive


Provide the following information for inactive budget periods:

  • Organization DUNS
  • Budget Type = Subaward/Consortium
  • Budget Period Start/End Dates (align with budget periods and dates of the prime budget)
  • In section A: Senior/Key Person, provide a single entry including the following:
  • PD/PI or subaward lead First and Last names
  • Project Role (may default to PD/PI; can be adjusted as needed)
  • Calendar Months = .01 (smallest amount effort allowed in the field)
  • Requested Salary = $0
  • Fringe Benefits = $0
  • Explanation of the inactive budget periods in the budget justification

– See more at:


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