Forms D Rigor and Transparency (Federal NIH CDC and other)

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D. Rigor and Transparency Forms Updates

  1. Collapse Does the NIH policy on rigor and transparency apply to all types of NIH grants?

    The rigor and transparency policy applies to any grant that funds research or training in research; grants that support other activities (e.g. shared equipment, construction, etc.) do not need to address rigor and transparency.  The policy applies to most research grants and career development awards as of applications submitted for January 25, 2016 and beyond. It applies to training grants and fellowships as of May 25, 2016 and beyond. Specific exceptions to the rigor and transparency policy are listed in the Research (NOT-OD-16-011) and Career Development (NOT-OD-16-012) Guide notices and will be included in future fellowship and training notices.

    Funding opportunity announcements for which rigor and transparency should be addressed will include specific review language for rigor and transparency. For announcements published in October 2015, the Funding Opportunity Announcements for which rigor apply will be updated with the applicable review criteria at the end of November 2015.


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