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NIH Hyperlink Policy

link to NIH hyperlinks policy NOV 2017, version E


Federal Uniform Guidelines for Small Purchases, 3,000-150,000

updated for 2017

This is under Federal Uniform Guidance Section 200.320, see text below


Purchases under the simplified acquisition threshold are purchases for goods or services meeting the small purchase threshold (currently at $150,000). Therefore, all purchases between $3,000 and $150,000 can use the “small purchase procedures” stated in section 200.320 (b) which describes the procedures as “relatively simple and informal.” It states that “price or rate quotations must be obtained from an adequate number of qualified sources.” It leaves the discretion of the non-Federal entity written policy to determine the “adequate” number of qualified sources (i.e., any number greater than one) and the methods of methods of obtaining the price or rate quotations (e.g., it can be in writing, orally, vendor price list on website, or generated via online search engine). Section 200.323 also excludes the small purchases from any requirements for cost or price analysis.

For example, a purchase order for chlorine supplies in the amount $10,000 can treated a small purchase order. This purchase order requires a rate quote from at least two sources, which can be obtained in writing from two suppliers or research done on a public websites. A cost or price analysis is not required. In addition, if the chlorine is of special quality that is offered by only one company or only one company can deliver in the time frame required for the purchase order can be made under the sole source purchase provision in section 200.320 (f).

NIH Biosketch- research support section, project dates

When adding completed research projects onto an NIH biosketch (section D) for a new proposal, include projects that were completed within 3 years of the proposal due date.

ie: If the project is due on Jan 01, 2018, then only inlcude projects with an end date of Jan 01, 2015 or thereafter.

NIH appendices rules 2017, update

Effective January 25, 2017, the NIH appendix policy eliminates most items that investigators previously included in the application appendix. For current and future grant submissions please be sure that application appendices are consistent with the items identified in NOT-OD-16-129 (

Applications will be withdrawn and not reviewed if they are submitted with inappropriate appendix materials.

In short, the only allowable appendix materials are:

For applications proposing clinical trials (unless the FOA provides other instructions for these materials):

  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Investigator’s brochure from Investigational New Drug (IND), as appropriate

For all applications:

  • Blank informed consent/assent form;
  • Blank surveys, questionnaires, data collection instruments;
  • FOA-specified items. (NOTE: If appendix materials are required in the FOA, review criteria for that FOA will address those materials, and applications submitted without those appendix materials will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.)

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