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NIH Biosketch- research support section, project dates

When adding completed research projects onto an NIH biosketch (section D) for a new proposal, include projects that were completed within 3 years of the proposal due date.

ie: If the project is due on Jan 01, 2018, then only inlcude projects with an end date of Jan 01, 2015 or thereafter.


Four most common uses for NIH Other Support Documents

NIH_Logo1- During the Just-In-Time Phase (pre-award). You will need: Active, Pending Projects and an Overlap statement. Do NOT include Completed work.

2- When you update a person’s NIH Biosketch. You will need: Active, Completed (for the last 3 years). Do NOT include pending grants or overlap. Do NOT include direct annual costs or effort reporting.

3- RPPR reports: Include ACTIVE grants only and there also needs to be a statement addressing significant changes (new funding/ expired funding) in the last year. You do NOT include pending or completed activity. Do NOT include overlap.

4- To feed into a training grant table. Typically, training grants want information on Active and Pending grants only.