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if you are having trouble saving changes in era commons or NIH ASSIST

if you are having trouble saving changes in era commons or NIH ASSIST, try this:

Clear cache and cookies

close and re-open browser


nih era commons interim RPPR- new product for 2017

here is the scenario of how the Interim RPPR will be used.(They are RPPR’s that you file when you are planning a competing renewal)

If you opt NOT to apply for Competing Renewal, complete the Final RPPR as you normally would within 120 days of the project end date.

If you are going to complete a Competing Renewal application (or have already submitted such an application), you will submit an Interim RPPR. This must be submitted within 120 days of the project end date.

NIH Efforts Toward Inclusion in Research


NIH continues its work to address notable trends within the medical research paradigm. One issue that remains important is ensuring the appropriate inclusion of women and minority groups in clinical research.

To that end, eRA is transitioning to a new feature in eRA Commons called the Inclusion Management System (IMS). IMS will replace the existing system used for reporting sex/gender, race, and ethnicity information as required by the NIH Policy on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities in Clinical Research.

In addition to migrating existing inclusion enrollment data, IMS will leverage the structured data that is part of the new inclusion enrollment grant application forms released in September, 2013. (NOT-OD-13-091) As of October 17, 2014, data from the competing applications will be accessible in eRA Commons using this new IMS feature.

For more information on NIH’s inclusion efforts, see Guide Notice NOT-OD-14-086 and OER’s Inclusion of Women and Minorities web page.

Reminder: all NIH electronic systems, including eRA Commons and ASSIST, will be unavailable starting today, Friday, May 23 at 9 PM and are expected to be restored to service by Tuesday, May 27 at 7 AM for the Unicode upgrade.