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NIH policy on effort adjustments during no cost extension periods

During a NCE, is there a minimum effort requirement for key personnel named in the NOA, other than the PI?

The short answer is “NO”

With the exception of grant programs that have an effort requirement, or where terms and conditions prohibit such reductions, NIH will not require prior approval for the reduction in effort for Senior/key personnel named in the Notice of Award (NoA) during a no-cost extension. However, consistent with the NIH Grants Policy Statement Chapter, recipients are reminded that for active NIH awards, the PD/PI and other Senior/key personnel named in the NoA must devote a measurable level of effort.


Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources, Forms D

If applicable to the proposed science, briefly describe methods to ensure the identity and validity of key biological and/or chemical resources used in the proposed studies. No more than one page is suggested.
Key biological and/or chemical resources may or may not be generated with NIH funds and: 1) may differ from laboratory to laboratory or over time; 2) may have qualities and/or qualifications that could influence the research data; and 3) are integral to the proposed research. These include, but are not limited to, cell lines, specialty chemicals, antibodies, and other biologics.
Standard laboratory reagents that are not expected to vary do not need to be included in the plan. Examples are buffers and other common biologicals or chemicals.
Reviewers will assess the information provided in this Section. Any reviewer questions associated with key biological and/or chemical resource authentication will need to be addressed prior to award.
Applications identified as non-compliant with this limitation will be withdrawn from the review process (see NOT-OD-15-095 and NOT-OD-16-011).