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NIH appendices rules 2017, update

Effective January 25, 2017, the NIH appendix policy eliminates most items that investigators previously included in the application appendix. For current and future grant submissions please be sure that application appendices are consistent with the items identified in NOT-OD-16-129 (https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-16-129.html).

Applications will be withdrawn and not reviewed if they are submitted with inappropriate appendix materials.

In short, the only allowable appendix materials are:

For applications proposing clinical trials (unless the FOA provides other instructions for these materials):

  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Investigator’s brochure from Investigational New Drug (IND), as appropriate

For all applications:

  • Blank informed consent/assent form;
  • Blank surveys, questionnaires, data collection instruments;
  • FOA-specified items. (NOTE: If appendix materials are required in the FOA, review criteria for that FOA will address those materials, and applications submitted without those appendix materials will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.)

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What is the Page Limit for Letters of Support for K (Research Career) Awards?

NIH_LogoPosted on January 31, 2014 by NIH Staff

— to clarify: Letters are separate from Mentor’s Statement section; this is for Version C.

Unless the funding opportunity announcement instructs otherwise, the page limit is 6 pages for Letters of Support from collaborators, contributors, and consultants in addition to the 6 pages allowed for the Statements of the Mentor and Co-Mentor(s).

NOTE: These Letters of Support are now separated from the Plans and Statements of Mentor and Co-Mentors’ attachment; they are attached to the PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental form, Item #8. For more information, please see pages I-147 and I-149 of the SF424 R&R Application Guide Version C..